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I mad3 a 3D CaR GaM3 In FLASH!!!1111

3D CAR Gam3 with FLASH!!!!!!!!11111111an>

classarcadepay to playfreerating4.00/5.00
genreDrivingplays795comments1( 2011-07-27 )
coinsNotimes favorited0

Tank and Truck Trial

Tank and Truck Offroad Trial with bombs. Three difficulty levels.

classarcadepay to playfreerating3.00/5.00
coinsNotimes favorited1

Trash Racer

Find all the trash and place it in there respective bins as fast as you can!

classarcadepay to playfreetimes favorited0

3D Drag Racer

3D Drag Racer is a less then 60 seconds game which you have to drag in the minimum available time to get the maximum available speed and cross the finish line as quickest as possible!

classarcadepay to playfreerating1.00/5.00
genreDrivingplays649comments1( 2012-05-4 )
coinsNotimes favorited1


Three ships. Two buttons. One game. Create your own glitch music in this experimental dodging game. Collect points to upgrade your tracks and control up to three ships at once!

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zwitschis - Spritztour

Its a bird race game. A game inspired of the cartoon Zwitschis "gefiederte Gefährten" which you find at http://shemakorat.de/?p=43

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zoptirik Tractor Challenge

This is Zoptirik tractor challenge now. Our hero driving his tractor through land with obstacles. This multilevel game is not that easy for him. So, please help him during driving. Each level has diff...

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zoptirik Stunt Biker

After his jungle adventure Zoptirik decided to try a stunt bike experience. This challenge take place in different enviroments. In a off-road forest and city and other. Zoptirik is now a stunt bike ri...

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited1

Zoptirik Policeman Biker

Zoptirik adventures continues with police bike. Zoptirik is now a policeman and riding his bike. The unstable road and obstacles will not avoid him following the gangsters. Drive the bike carefully.

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zoptirik Police Jeep

Zoptirik switch to police jeep after his police bike ride. The police jeep powered by a stong motor to drive over the mountain and obstacles.Zoptirik will drive this police jeep.

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zoptirik Bus

You will enjoy this zoptirik bus driving game most probably. This oldy bus be driven like hell through the city by overdriving other car and collecting gems on the road.

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zoptirik ATV Rider

Zoptirik is a ATV rider. Zoptirik.com presents the most zoptirik avatar entertainment games .This time Zoptirik will ride on the mountains with his ATV. The road is not straight. He has to care on the...

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

ZOO Race 2

Race in the crazy ZOO, where there are crazy animals and where everything is crazyyyyy.

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zoo Race

Race in the Zoo among wild and hungry animals.

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zoo Parking

Zoo parking is the best of two worlds. Its a animal game and a car parking game. Transport the zoo's exotic animals to the zoo vet for checkups. The zoo lanes are narrow and driving with a trailer on ...

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0


You are taking part in a dangerous survival show. Smash, shoot and crush the crowds of bloodthirsty zombies. Upgrade your car buying a variety of power-ups and weapons. In oder to survive you must be ...

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zombies Chase Down

Chase the zombies in the Zombies Chase Down Game. Drive your car and smash the targeted zombie car. Use arrow keys to move and space bar to shoot the zombie car. In every level target is assigned on t...

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zombies Chase Down

Hunt the Zombies down in this new chasing game. Find the Zombie's rncar and shoot the zombies down. Target is assigned on the right rnside of the game screen. Watch the timer. You have limited time to...

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zombie Truck Driving

Your town is invaded by the zombies, now use your self made truck to escape the town before they get to you.

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zombie Transporter

Zombie Transporter is a cargo delivery game. Drive this zombie truck and deliver all the zombie heads to the zombie vault. Race as quickly as you can with this funny car to score the maximum points. T...

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zombie Track

Terminate or be terminated in this fun and exciting race.

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zombie Skull Delivery

There are zombies around the world. A factory is set up for processing zombies where you find a job as a diver. You need to delivery the processed zombie skull to the next stop for futher processing.

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zombie Ramming

Resist waves of zombies with your car! Buy new cars, upgrade your engine, tires or armor. At night, resist only with your gun! Addicting game with more than 30 levels, Boss levels and shooting minigam...

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0

Zombie Racers Score Attack 2.1

What's new!!!! - 3 sniper scope bonus missions - Easier to place on global leaderboard

classarcadepay to playfreeratingnone
coinsNotimes favorited0
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(24 per pg)


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